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Fildena is an erectile dysfunction drug, which is manufactured by Fortune Healthcare. Fildena has the same ingredient as Viagra. A lot of customers prefer buying Fildena online because of the quality of the pill. 

Fildena Super Active 100mg & Soft Gel
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Read the package leaflet for more information about risks and side effects, or ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice.

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Product Information

Where can I buy Fildena 100mg online?

The best place to buy Fildena 100mg online is from our United Pharmacist. As we dedicated focus only on ED medications, and its parent company “The Drug World” has all the generic medications available in the market.

You may be wondering why United Pharmacist sells only ED pills and not any other medications. The reason is: United Pharmacist is just a branch of its parent online pharmacy “The Drug World” and we at United Pharmacist are able to offer best quality ED pills with cheap price and provide excellent services and support to our customers. And this became possible because we do not focus on any other medications.

We mind our business! And we love what we do! So offering cheap Fildena 100mg pills should never be a challenge.

Before you buy Fildena 100mg online, you should understand the basic details about this wonderful ED drug and also about its side-effects.

Most importantly, we always advise our customers to consult with your sexologist / physician about your health issues in detail. So that the doctor knows better as to what ED medication might suite you. Or, even if you let your doctor know your interest on Fildena 100mg, at times, he might possibly suggest a lower dosage of Fildena like: Fildena 25mg (or) Fildena 50mg. Or at times, he might even increase your dosage to Fildena Super Active (or) Fildena Strong (or) Fildena Extra Power (or) Fildena Professional.

We at United Pharmacist; do not demand for a Fildena Prescription from our customers. As we have our own in-house physicians who work round the clock to server our customers who tries to buy Fildena online. In fact, they would prescribe your desired medications, provided you meet their requirements.

So it is always important to fill all the health related questions which are asked before the final checkout page.

Before you buy Fildena 100mg online, it’s very mandatory to understand in detail about Fildena. 

What is Fildena?

Fildena is a powerful erectile dysfunction medication which is used to treat men with impotency or erection issues.

Fildena Super Active is a branded medication which is manufactured by Fortune Healthcare ltd.  The main active ingredient used in Sildenafil Citrate. The same chemical combination which is used by Pfizer.

The main advantages of buying Fildena pills online are:

-          Cheap in cost. Whereas branded Viagra is very expensive
-          Fildena is a branded ED medication, which is manufactured by one of the leading pharmaceutical in the name: Fortune Health care ltd.
-          No prescription required to buy Fildena online from United Pharmacist.
-          Great offers including free shipping
-          Free doorstep delivery
-          Trackable service
-          FDA approved medication
-          It is considered to be one of the best alternatives for branded Viagra.

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How does Fildena act in our body?

Fildena is a tablet which is supposed to be taken orally at least 30 minutes before your sexual intercourse. Fildena can be consumed with water or any sort of juice. But, avoid having food post consuming Fildena tablet. Reason being, one you have the food, the digestion process tends to become slower than normal. So, even the Fildena would take time to digest.

Fildena is nothing but Sildenafil Citrate which acts by pumping high blood flow into the penis. And when the blood flow hits high into the penis, the penis becomes erect for a long time.

Please note: Fildena is not a magic pill to make your penis get erect. In fact, you should get aroused in the foreplay , and along with that, with the help of Fildena the brain sends signals to your nerves to increase the blood flow to the man’s penis and to make it erect.

How long does Fildena last?

   Fildena lasts for close to 4 hours. Anything above 4 hours has to be monitored carefully and if you get erection pain in the penis, you need to consult with your doctor immediately, and this condition is called “priapism”. Priapism could lead to damaging your penis nerves and could give you a permanent erectile dysfunction.

Is it always best advised to buy ED pills on a low dosage to being with and if you feel that you are not happy with your erection level then you can buy Fildena 100mg or Fildena Super Active etc.

Is it safe to buy Fildena 100mg online?

We can’t stand guaranty for other online pharmacies. But we at United Pharmacist and The Drug World offer genuine Fildena pills and dispatch your order directly from the manufacturing unit.

You can safely buy Fildena 100mg from United Pharmacist! 

Buy Fildena Super Active Online

You can buy Fildena Super Active online from at a very cheap price. Yes, we offer Fildena 100mg / Other wise called as Fildena Super Active Soft Gel 100mg at $0.70 / Pill. Fildena Super Active is the 2nd best alternative erectile dysfunction (ED) pill after Viagra. Both the ingredients used in Viagra as well as Fildena Super Active are the same. And both these ED drugs are branded medications. 

However branded Viagra is $23.45, where as the branded Fildena Super Active is just $0.70 / pill.

Fildena Super Active is FDA approved ED medication which is manufactured by Fortune Healthcare, India. Fortune Healthcare is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Asia.

When you buy Fidena Super Active Online from United Pharmacist, we also provide you addtional FREE ED Pills which are worth 50% of your order value. And also we offer free shipment at your door step. 

It normally takes around 5 business days for you to get your package at your door step. 

Is Fildena Super Active Soft Gel different from Fildena 100mg?

No Fildena Super Active Soft Gel and Fildena 100mg are the same as one. Both are same, but people call this magic pill in many ways. 

Buy Fildena 100mg Online with PayPal

Though our website is SSL procted, we still suggest our customer to buy Fildena 100mg online using PayPal, so that they dont have to share us their credit / debit card information. We do have options for customers to buy Fildna using PayPal as well as credit cards. 

But we offer 50% additional free products only when you place your order through PayPal. Hence, we would honestly suggest you to use PayPal while buying ED pills online from

If you dont have a PayPal account, that fine. Once after you place your first order, you will recieve a order confirmation email. We would suggest you to go through it ciompletely. So that you will understand much better as to when and how to place your first order.

Fildena Super Active Is The Best ED Pill

Charles| 2018-05-24 19:59:29 | Los Angeles

I Have Almost Tried Every Other ED Pill Which Was There In The Market. Wasn't Quite Satisfied Until I Met John From United Pharmacist. He Understood My Needs And Suggested Me To Take Fildena Super Active 100mg. Wow, This Is My 4th Order With United Pharmacist And I Am Looking Forward To Buying More From Them.

Fildena Super Active 100mg made me super strong

George| 2018-06-24 08:01:19 | Austin, Texas

I should thank Charles, Los Angeles for his honest recommendation. I am 45 years old male and i have difficulty getting hard erection. Due to my poor performance, i was suffering from server anxiety. One of my friend suggested United Pharmacist. When i went through the review given my Charles, i thought i will give it a try. Placed my first order on May and i was super impressed. Now a days my girl friend needs me in bed at least 2 times a day. But she doesn't know that i am taking Fildena Super Active and that gives me Super Man power lol :) This is my 3rd order from United Pharmacist. Wow, they are the best online pharmacy ever i have seen. They are offering free samples in large quantities. Talk to John from United Pharmacist, he is very kind and generous. The best way to reach them much faster is through Skype, as john is available 24/7. Their Skype ID is :

UnitedPharmacist's Fildena Super Active is the best ED medication

Tom Bruton| 2018-06-27 10:28:35 | Atlanta, Georgia

Received my first order last week. Fildena 100mg/ Fildena Super Active is the best erectile dysfunction pill. I have tried many other ED pills like, Viagra, Cialis but Fildena Super Active suits me best to my body condition. The shipment was delivered much faster than the estimated delivery date. Unitedpharmacist is the best online pharmacy available. And yes, i did get my FREE pills. Thanks John and Brenda. You guys rock!

Best place to buy Fildena Super Active

Rodger| 2018-06-27 11:26:39 | Miami Beach, Florida

I have been buying from United Pharmacist for the past 6 months. And i am quite surprised by their FREE ED Pills offers they give every time i place a order with them. I bought Fildena Super Active and Cenforce 200mg from them as a bulk quantity for $1000 last week. And they had sent me $600 worth of additional FREE ED Pills along with my order. OMG, these guys are awesome and honest. I would love to do more business with you United Pharmacist. Thank you so much :)

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