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Quick Overview of Clonazepam

Clonazepam is a drug that helps calm your brain. It is the generic version of the drug Klonopin. This drug works by affecting certain chemicals in your brain to make you feel more relaxed. You may choose our pharmacy to buy Clonazepam online under the guidance of our healthcare expert.

Uses of Clonazepam

Clonazepam is a drug generally used to treat certain types of seizures and panic disorders. It’s a type of benzodiazepine, which acts by boosting the effects of a neurotransmitter called GABA in the brain, leading to a soothing effect.

Here are some other off-label uses of Clonazepam:

Restless legs syndrome: Clonazepam can be used off-label to manage symptoms of RLS.

Bipolar disorder: This drug may be considered off-label to relieve bipolar disorder.

If you suffer from any of these conditions, you may order Clonazepam online for quick benefits. You must ensure that you take it under the guidance of an experienced healthcare expert.

FDA Status of Clonazepam

Clonazepam is an FDA-approved medicine used to treat seizures and panic attacks. It is a controlled substance, meaning it can be misused or lead to addiction. Clonazepam falls under Schedule IV, so healthcare experts watch its use carefully.

FDA Approval history of Clonazepam

Clonazepam was approved by the FDA in 1975 as a drug to treat seizures and panic disorders. It’s part of a group called benzodiazepines, which calm the brain. It’s taken by mouth and can start working quickly. The FDA periodically reviews drugs like Clonazepam to ensure they are safe and effective.

While helpful, it can also cause side effects and may be habit-forming, so it’s essential to use it as prescribed. You may choose our pharmacy for quality assurance and free and accurate consulting services.

Active and inactive ingredients of Clonazepam

Active Ingredients: Clonazepam

Inactive Ingredients

A few common inactive ingredients of Clonazepam may include:

  • Lactose
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Microcrystalline cellulose
  • Corn starch
  • FD&C Yellow No. 6 Lake (in some formulations)

Manufacturers and Suppliers of Clonazepam

Manufacturer: Some of the major manufacturers include Teva Pharmaceuticals, Accord Healthcare, and Mylan.


A few major suppliers of this drug are:

  • Teva Pharmaceuticals
  • Mylan
  • Accord Healthcare

Clonazepam: Drug Identification Details

StrengthImprintColorShapeDrug NDC
1 mgTEVA 833GreenRound00093-0833
0.5 mgTEVA 832YellowRound00093-0832
2 mgV 2532WhiteRound00603-2950

If you are going to buy Clonazepam online, these details will be helpful in identifying the authenticity of the drug. To get exclusive discounts on your purchase, you may choose our pharmacy. Here, we also provide high-quality drugs, including Clonazepam, for sale.

Clonazepam Dosage Guidelines

For anxiety, you usually start with a small dose, like 0.25 to 0.5 milligrams, taken 2 to 3 times a day. Then, the amount you take each day might go up to 1 to 4 milligrams, split into smaller doses.

For panic attacks, you may start with 0.25 to 0.5 milligrams twice a day. Then, the smaller amount might be 1 to 2 milligrams a day, split into smaller doses.

For seizures, you could begin with 0.5 to 1 milligram three times a day. Later on, the dose might be between 1 and 20 milligrams a day, split into smaller doses.

Your healthcare expert may adjust your dose according to your current health condition. To get a personalized guide on dosage, you may order Clonazepam online from our pharmacy.

Guidelines for taking Clonazepam safely

  • Never give or sell this medicine to anyone else, even if they seem to have the same problems as you. It’s against the law to share it. Keep it only for yourself and use it as directed by your healthcare expert.
  • How much Clonazepam your child needs is based on their weight. If they gain or lose weight, their dose might need to be adjusted. Make sure to store Clonazepam at room temperature, away from moisture, heat, and light.
  • Never stop taking Clonazepam all of a sudden, even if you feel better. Suddenly, stopping could lead to more seizures or make you feel bad. Always listen to your healthcare expert about how to gradually lower your dose.

If you plan to buy Clonazepam online, you must follow these instructions to achieve the best-desired outcomes from the drug.

Precautions and warnings for taking Clonazepam

If you are allergic to Clonazepam, have severe liver disease, or have narrow-angle glaucoma, don’t use it.

Tell your healthcare expert if you have had breathing problems, liver or kidney issues, or depression before.

Clonazepam can make your breathing slow down, especially if you have taken opioids, alcohol, or other drugs that also do this.

If you are pregnant or planning to have a baby while taking this drug, you must inform your healthcare expert.

This drug may cause unwanted withdrawal symptoms in your newly born child if you take it during pregnancy.

While buying Clonazepam online, ensure to choose a reliable pharmacy where you get proper instructions about its usage.

When to see medical attention while taking Clonazepam

If you experience severe drowsiness, trouble breathing, confusion, sudden mood changes, or thoughts of harming yourself while taking Clonazepam, seek medical attention immediately.

Also, if you have allergic reactions like rash, itching, swelling, or trouble swallowing, it’s essential to get medical help. Don’t ignore these signs; they could indicate a severe problem.

Always talk to your healthcare expert if you have concerns or if anything unusual happens after you buy Clonazepam online.

Potential side effects of Clonazepam

Here are the severe side effects of Clonazepam, such as:

Withdrawal symptoms: Dizziness, headache, panic attacks, depression

Severe sedation: Slurred speech, confusion, loss of consciousness

Slowed breathing

A few common side effects of Clonazepam may include

  • Feeling depressed or tired
  • Memory issues

Overdose symptoms

If you notice any of the overdose symptoms mentioned below, you may seek medical help immediately by calling 1-855-547-1503.

  • Slurred speech
  • Talkativeness
  • Trouble speaking

Along with these, there may be more side effects, but this list doesn’t cover them all. For complete details on side effects, consider ordering Clonazepam online from our pharmacy website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I take Clonazepam for?

It would help if you took Clonazepam for as long as your healthcare expert told you.

They will make a decision based on your condition and how well the drug works for you. You must follow their instructions carefully and not stop taking it suddenly without talking to them first, as it can cause withdrawal symptoms.

What are the common side effects of Clonazepam?

Common side effects of clonazepam may include sleepiness, dizziness, and problems with coordination.

It may also cause tiredness, memory issues, and feelings of depression. Some people may experience changes in appetite or weight.

These side effects usually go away as the body adjusts to the drug, but consult a healthcare expert if they persist. You must be cautious after you buy Clonazepam online.

Can I drink alcohol while taking Clonazepam?

It’s not safe to drink alcohol while taking Clonazepam. Alcohol can make the side effects of Clonazepam worse, like dizziness and drowsiness.

It can also increase the risk of dangerous reactions. Always consult with your healthcare expert before drinking alcohol or taking any new drugs while on Clonazepam.

Can Clonazepam be taken with food?

Yes, Clonazepam can be taken with or without meals. However, taking this drug with food may help reduce stomach upset.

Follow your healthcare expert’s advice on how to take it based on your needs. Always ask your healthcare expert or pharmacist for guidance if you have any questions or concerns.